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org.jxmpp.stringprep.XmppStringprepException can't find

When I use Smack-4.3.1 to create connection to openfire, there is a compile error with : The type org.jxmpp.stringprep.XmppStringprepException cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files, I can’t find this class in any jar file of Smack-4.3.1. how can I resolve this error?


The class org.jxmpp.stringprep.XmppStringprepException is part of jxmpp. How do you include Smack in your project? You should add Smack as Maven dependency, as mentioned in Smack’s Readme, because then all dependencies, such as jxmpp, will be automatically added.

thanks, this is has been resolved.