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OTR (Off-the-Record) messaging support for Spark?

Does anyone know if there’s a plug-in or something available to allow for OTR encryption in Spark? Or, failing that, perhaps it could be a feature request? Adium currently supports it, as well as my favorite client (aside from Spark), Mcabber. Oh, I think Pidgin does too. They all seem to work together quite nicely, providing all sorts of encrypted goodness. It would be really cool to add Spark to that list as well. Thanks!


I’m not aware of a plugin but it’s definitely an interesting thing to add: SPARK-884

Is there some update on if, how, when this might become a feature of spark?

No update, no plan. It’s one of those things that’ll happen when they happen unless someone else writes it. Thing is, there’s not even an OTR library out there currently. I registered a project on sourceforge for a “jotr” … otr library for Java. So that would need to be written first and would be something done totally in my free time. Hopefully someone else will step up and help me develop that. I imagine once the library is done, Spark support will be easy.

ok, then I’ll stop nagging It’s not that big issue for me…my users are probably not the ones to use it anyway…even though I’d love to give them at least the option/advice to use it for businesstalk…preferrably attached to a big club with nails in it ahem

I would love to see this some day soon too since a lot of our users use Trillian & Adium which have this. Not to mention the fact that general business communications these days ought to be encrypted & private any way. Just adding $0.02 worth that’s all. Thanks very much.

Hi there. I was browsing the forum in order to find out how to integrated OTR into spark because i like to use both together. Is there any update of the progress? I’ve found the OTR library and toolkit (http://www.cypherpunks.ca/otr/#downloads) and was asking myself if it’s possible to combine or use it? Thanks!

The problem there is, it’s written in C, not java. =)

I created a project in sourceforge for jotr, a java version of that C library: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jotr/

But I haven’t had time to put into it and it’s not looking likely that I will. So if anyone is interesting in working on taking the c code here: http://www.cypherpunks.ca/otr/#downloads and writing a java API, I’d love to see that get written. I’m sure more than just Spark could benefit from it. Least I hope so. =)

Ok, i see the differents Maybe it is a incitiation for somebody out there if i say that i’ll love to see that happen! I’ll track on this. Thanks!

I realize this thread is very old so the posts may not have reflected the current state of things. In any case there is now a Java library provided by the OTR project.


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