Outlook plugin/add-in for Openfire

Hello all,

My Apologies if this has been discussed earlier. I was wondering if there are any plugins/add-ons for Outlook for openfire.

Here is what i am trying to do:

a. Since our staff are too lazy to use spark everytime they log into ther computer, i would want to distribute or install a plugin / add-on in their outlook, hence when they open their outlook, they get logged in to openfire at the same time. This might sound like, have spark client running inside outlook.

I could additionally add another item in the navigation pane of Outlook & call it ‘Messenger’ or something.

b. I tried an alternative to create a new folder in outlook & set the folders’ home page to Sparkweb (sparkweb installed on one of our servers). However, i cannot log in & i believe the page gets refreshed, everytime i move around other folders.

Any suggestions?

There is no such plugin. This has been discussed before if memory serves, but went no where. Would it not be easier to place a shortcut to spark in the all users startup items folder. This would force spark to start at login, plus they could not delete it, unless they are admins of their computers. furthermore if you are using SSO it would auto log them in. This can be done via a startup script using group policy.

our staff here are lazy but they wont spare a single chance to close spark or any other application that we enforce in the startup. i cant lock down their user profile rights on the computer as they have to frequently install and uninstall applications.

in other words:

a. spark takes up a lot of memory (could work on lil tune up for that)

b. its gonna look neat if we could integrate spark or sparkweb or have just another module within outlook rather than having two different applications for im & emails.

i heard of momentIM (jabber) But not sure if i could extract something out of it

Something like Instant Messaging function in spicebird.