Pacekt filter i18n

I have modified the packet filter plugin code to add complete support for i18n. There was some work done but it was far from complete. I`ve also included a spanish translation file.

Here I attach the patch for your consideration.

Best regards (5093 Bytes)


I filed this as OF-83


Thank you for your response but I have just found a couple of bugs in my patch. I’m sending a new patch here with those bugs corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience. (5107 Bytes)

Thanks for the patch!


Thanks for filing. I’ll work with Gato to get this checked in. He’ll have to do the proof reading

Sadly, this patch does not work. The provided JSPs in the monitoring packetFilter plugin do not compile.

That’s strange. I made the patch against the plugin in the OF 3.6.4 sources. Are you trying with this same sources?

Could you tell me which files do not compile so I can check with my sources? I have this plugin workin in production with this patch.

Also I don’t understand the reference to the monitoring plugin. I did not intend to make any modifications to this plugin, only to the packet filter. Maybe I made a mistake when creating the patch file and included unintended modifications to other plugins.



Disregard the reference to the Monitoring plugin. I’ve been working on that yesterday, I think it is haunting me.

I have applied your patch to the current trunk of Openfire, and recompiled Openfire and the monitoring plugin. During the part of the buildfile where the JSPs get compiled, things break. I have rolled back the changes, and things work fine again.