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Packet Filter 3.0.1 & Openfire 3.8.2

Hello, I have the next problem

I performed an openfire 3.8.2 install, with MySQL database, integrated with AD. I installed the packet filter plugin (3.0.1) but when I try to create a rule, I fill the form, click on create rule, and no rules are shown.

Any idea?

Thank you

Works fine for me. Can you describe what rules exactly do you try to create? I have only tried to drop a message from one user to another.

I have two groups, and I am trying to create a rule to deny a group the presence of the other

(sorry for my english, my native language is spanish)

This works for me too. I’m using the embedded database, which is still SQL. Btw, after you create a rule and restart your clients, do you see the effect of the rule (no presence sent from one group to another)? Wonder if this is just a visual issue and the rules are really there, or your rules are not saved at all.