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Packet filter fullJID check + destJID bugfix + MUC private message tip

I have attached small patch which fixes one bug and adds a fullJID (which includes resource) check support.

Bug fix detail:

There is a copy-paste error in code where code for checking destJID wrongly checks soureJID. (which was most likely copy-paste from sourceJID code)

The patch fixes it.

Feature detail:

A small 4 line code adds support for checking fullJID including resource. (checks for presence of “/” in rule JID)

This allows blocking/allowing message by resource or by MUC private messages by nickname.

for e.g if I wanted to block MUC private message to users of room except moderator. then using this feature I can do this as follows:

Lets say roomname is research

Room service name is conference.yoyodyne.com

moderator id/nick is admin

Domain name is yoyodyne.com

1st rule would be to PASS any message from JID “*@conference.yoyodyne.com” to any

so that room itself can send message of any type to anyone

2nd rule would be to PASS any message from user "admin@yoyodyne.com" to any

so that moderator can reply back (or do anything)

3rd rule would be to PASS any message from “any” to user "admin@yoyodyne.com"

so that anyone is allowed to send msg to admin by his real JID

4th rule would be to PASS MUC private messages from “any” to JID research@conference.yoyodyne.com/admin

so that anyone is allowed to send pvt msg to room moderator by his room based JID

(This rule uses this new feature/patch)

5th rule would be to DROP MUC private message from “any” to “any”

This allows anyone to send private msg to admin/moderator but not to other users.

Hope it helps
openfire_pf_fulljid.diff.zip (707 Bytes)


On what folder location in the Openfire we can paste the attachments?