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Packet Filter plugin 2.0.2 not working with OpenFire 3.7.0 Beta


I just installed OpenFire 3.7.0 Beta because according to OF-368 the ldap query limitation to 1000 results was fixed. You can consult this post for more details.

So I installed the PacketFilter plugin version 2.0.2 and restarted OpenFire. Then I went to **Server -> Server Settings -> Packet Filter Rules **to set the filters I need. Well, it seems that the packet filter plugin is incompatible with version 3.7.0 because there is no button displayed at all. See the attached file.

So from there, I downloaded the latest nightly (October 12) and unfortunately got the same results. I read that some plugins were incompatible due to the new logging system implemented in 3.7.0. So I browsed the plugins files from the SVN webpage looking for an updated PacketFilter plugin and I noticed that you guys were indeed working on version 3.0. I was unable to find the plugin in a JAR or WAR format so I could manually upload it and give a try.

Is there any way I could download the 3.0 version in a JAR/WAR format?

I have tried on my own to create a JAR file with no success…

Thank for your hard work. I really appreciate your product.


Hi Jonathan,

I’ve attached the version of the packer filter plugin that comes with Openfire 3.7.0 Beta for you to use. Please note that I have not tested this plugin so I can’t say if it works or if it should be used in a production system.

Hope that helps,

packetFilter.jar (59024 Bytes)

Thanks Ryan for the quick answer I really appreciate.

The file you provided fix the issue, I am now able to add rules normally.

Unfortunately, the ldap limitations to 1000 results is still present in the plugin GUI. My colleague replied to the original post explaining the issue.

To my understanding the ldap limitation was fixed in OpenFire 3.7.0 beta but it seems it is not reflected in the PacketFilter plugin GUI.