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Packet sent to unreachable address

My client I try to request the information on the registered users on a server and I see in info.log strings of sort:

2005.02.18 16:16:03 Packet sent to unreachable address \

and the List of users I do not receive.

How to correct?

Hey Denis,

Could you post the real JID or an example with the real format of the TO attribute of the IQ packet? When sending IQ packets to the server where the TO attribute includes a full JID (i.e. includes a resource) then the server will not handle those packets and will try to forward them to the target user. In other words, if the sender of the IQ packet is trying to discover information about a given user/resource then the server will forward that packet to the user but if the user is not connected to the server then a new entry in the log is generated like the one you saw.

BTW, are you trying to obtain the list of users in the server? If you are trying to do that then you should know that that information is not available.


– Gato