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Packet sent to unreachable address

We’re getting the same warning over and over again about Packets not reaching destination. Any ideas why?


2008.05.15 11:24:06 Packet sent to unreachable address

<iq id=“ca6864” to="johnsonj@" type=“get” from="cappst@">

<query xmlns=“jabber:iq:version”/>



did you specify “” as the XMPP domain of Openfire? I wonder if Openfire has some problems if clients use the public IP address instead of the host name.


I’m not sure if it does matter. I changed it to the hostname, so we’ll have to wait and see if that works.

Changed the server to hostname instead of ip address. Still gives the same error.

Hi Leeco,

Can you send messages normally to users on that server? Sounds like your server 2 server connection is not working?



That’s the only server that we use. We have Server to Server disabled. Should it be enabled?


Hi Amanda,

If you are messaging users on the same server, then s2s is not necessary. Does any messaging work or are all messages erroring out?

You maybe want to check that your xmpp.domain setting is correct under System Properties.


Some Messaging works.

has there been any development on this issue??

i get this error whenever a user logs on.

i have users using pandion, pidgin, adium.

whenever a user logs in i get a stream of “packet sent to unreachable address” messages from all the currently connected users to the newly connected user.

the only issue i have right now is my java memory is really low. i installed from deb. and i only have a max of 84MB. ill be pushing that to 128-256MB tonight.