PacketExtensionProvider missing in Smack 4.1


I’ve inherited a project which is using Smack 4.0.3 at the moment and I would like to upgrade it to the most recent version (4.1.3).

The project itself is communicating with GCM and sending some custom messages with JSON payload.

After modifying the dependencies inside the Ivy file, I see the following:

  • Deprectation of Packet, PacketExtension, PacketListener and PacketExtensionFilter.

  • PacketExtensionProvider interface is completely missing.

I would like to believe that this is my fault and, somehow, I am missing a dependency or Eclipse is just screwing around. Unfortunately, there is no information to be found about this topic and PacketExtensionProvider seems completely gone from the codebase (except from an embedded class in DataPacketProvider). Any clue of what is wrong and how to proceed to upgrade my codebase to 4.1.3?

Those are the Ivy dependencies:

<dependency org="org.igniterealtime.smack" name="smack-java7" rev="4.1.3"/>
<dependency org="org.igniterealtime.smack" name="smack-tcp" rev="4.1.3"/>
<dependency org="org.igniterealtime.smack" name="smack-extensions" rev="4.1.3"/>

I can see the following jars have been loaded in my project:



ivy-cache/org.igniterealtime.smack/smack-sasl-javax/jars/smack-sasl-javax-4.1.3. jar

ivy-cache/org.igniterealtime.smack/smack-resolver-javax/jars/smack-resolver-java x-4.1.3.jar


ivy-cache/org.igniterealtime.smack/smack-extensions/jars/smack-extensions-4.1.3. jar


I would greatly appreciate any help =)


The term ‘Packet’ was mostly replaced by the correct term ‘Stanza’ in Smack 4.1. And the PacketExtensionProvider was removed, since it provides the same functionality as the ExtensionElementProvider. Unfortunately those changes are not (yet) listed in Smack’s 4.1 Readme.

Hint: If you ever wonder what happened to a file/class/method in a git based open source project, use git’s excellent pickaxe switch to git-log. In this case

git log -S PacketExtensionProvider

will show you what happened.

Thanks a lot for the info and the hint !!!

Will give it another go next week and let you know how it ended =)