Packets could not be found for session


Im running Openfire 3.7 and im running into this problem. Basically im getting this error (in the error logs)

**packets could not be found for session d0ea3ced cannotbe delivered to client **

Many of my user cannot login and some can.

Ive search the forums and have added certian config such as setting xmpp.httpbind.client.requests.ignoreOveractivity to true

For some reason i see alot of post for this error but cannot find a answer… Please let me know if you can help and if you need anymore info…




Well i can now rule out its not any network or firewall issues. So im left with thinking its something todo with my server settings on openfire but not sure what…

Has anyone experince the same issue. Have you managed to resolve??

Is there some one i can Hire to look and fix this issue???

Bump Anyone Help please

try setting the do not disconnect idle connections option in admin console…so that session lasts for long time