Pàdé 0.5.3 released

Following the WikiFest2018 at Montreal where 5 days were spent focusing on Real Time Collaboration, Ignite Realtime is pleased to announce the release of Pàdé version 0.5.3 with support for Windows Single Sign On.

Pàdé is unified communications desktop solution for Openfire, implemented as a browser extension and currently only available from the Chrome Web Store. Other browser versions are coming soon.

With SSO now implemented, Pàdé with Openfire now offers enterprise users a compeling on-site free open-source unified communications desktop client application for Openfire that delivers chat, groupchat, meetings and telephone calls compliments of jitis-meet, converse.js and sip.js embedded in it.

If you are struggling to make Spark work with Kerberos for SSO, then I suggest you take a look at Pàdé.