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Pade 1.0.0 meeting doesnt register in SIP server

I have installed Pade 1.0.0 plugin (ofmeet, pade, offocus ), everything works well, but the SIP registration doesn’t work with no error in log files. I checked the user status in the SIP server, and it is offline.

I tested the openfire meeting 0.9.5 plugin, it worked and the SIP user registered.

can you please give an advice how to solve it? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

You need the ofgasi.jar plugin which was missing in the release list. I have now added it. Thanks for reporting that.

Please note that I have not tested it as I don’t use SIP anymore. You can edit the sip-communicator.properties file in the classes folder if you have any issues.

Thank you so much for reply. I installed ofgasi.jar . nothing changed and the SIP user still not registered.

also I checked sip-communicator.properties file, I found nothing wrong.

can you please test it on your machine please to ensure that it is a bug or it is the problem on my server?

I am very sorry, but I can’t help you with SIP as I have uninstalled FreeSwitch on my machine and don’t have anything to test it with. I don’t work with telephones and the SIP protocol anymore.