Pàdé 1.0.4 Released!

The Ignite Realtime community is happy to announce the availability of Pàdé 1.0.4 .

This version has support for XEP-0080 : User Location and some other features. Please have a look at the Changelog for details.

For Users
To install, visit the Chrome Web Store. You have 3 branded versions to select from. Use Pade@Work with your business/office Openfire server, Pade@Home with any public community Openfire server and Pade@Ignite only with the Ignite Realtime Openfire server (for users created at igniterealtime.org).

For Developers:
To get the best from Pàdé, you should download or clone the source, re-brand, set policies and upload your own version to the Chrome web Store for easy and mass deployment to your users. See the branding folder for details

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