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Pade 1.6.2 Users disconnect

I’m running Openfire 4.7.1 on windows server 2019 and trying to install the Pade plugin 1.6.2. I have Openfire installed on a path with no embedded spaces, and Pade running on websocket and now the JVB and Jicofo users are both showing online. However when trying to connect to the Pade plug in on my server users are able to connect but are disconnected after a minute. It seems to work somewhat when I have OFMeet plugin installed as well but I can’t get to all the settings unless I restart OFMeet. Any suggestions on how I might get this plugin to work properly?

Please read

You only need pade.jar.

You do not need the ofmeet plugin. It is deprecated and does not work in any browser at the moment.

I thought so but its weird that when both are installed I can keep 2 users in a room. with just Pade installed both users disconnect less than 60 seconds.

The message is a bit cut off but it seems to say “Call restarted due to bridge failure”

Nevermind I think I got it. I had P2P disabled and now its working with multiple users and video so I THINK its working. thank you