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Pade 1.7.0 Focus (Jicofo) user offline

I noticed my focus user was offline after updating Pade from 1.6.3 to 1.7.0. I rolled it back to 1.6.3 and both JVB and Focus users are online and join the ofmeet room but when I update it again to 1.7.0 just the JVB user is online. Not sure where to report this issue or if there are fixes for it.

Report issue at Issues · igniterealtime/openfire-pade-plugin · GitHub

Are you using multiple clustered openfire servers with the clustering plugin?

Thank you, I’ll report the issue there as well.

No, I am not using clustered servers. I have just the one openfire server

Try this nightly build - http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins/1.7.1-SNAPSHOT/pade.jar?snapshot=20220613.120941-3

Unfortunately 1.7.1 nightly build took booth the JVB and Focus user offline after installing it

Jicofo in Pàdé 1.7.0 was incompatible with JRE 8 but works with JDK 11. The same may be true for JVB in the current Pàdé 1.7.1 nightly.

thanks @lochner I had forgotten about JVM and Openfire compatibility.

Installing JDK 11 and restarting the server did it. Pade 1.7.1 has both users online and it seems to work as it should. Thank you both for your help!