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Pade Configuration error under openjdk-8-jdk

Lately I installed Pade plugin on my openfire sever which runs on raspberrypi 3B. I encountered an error that the focus account, Jitsi Colibri Focus (Jicofo), cannot run. Somehow I started to suspect that the java version may have something to do with it.

I changed the openjdk-8-jdk to JDK11 by downloading from https://bell-sw.com/ (there is limited resource available for armhf platform). I got the pade meeting finally working.

I wonder, if there is a requirement by Pade plugin for Java?

Jitsi is optimized for JDK 1.8 (see What is the recommend Java version - Install & Config - Jitsi Community Forum - developers & users), but I suspect you need JDK 11 and above for Openfire 3.7.1

Probably, there is a mismatch between the default heap size options (3GB ?) for the additional external JVMs to run JiCoFo and JVB and the available RAM. To my knowlege, a RasPi3B have just 1GB and it might be difficult to run the JVMs to serve more than a few users. In addition to that, the network bandwidth is also very limited.

Would be interesting if you get it running, good luck!


Yes, I did get it running. After being upgraded to JDK 11 it works. I just have a very small group of people using the ofmeet. For 3-5 people meeting it works just fine. I have an external STUN/TURN server to handle my video stream.

Good to know as a reference! STUN/TURN help to handle traffic through NATed/firewalled environments, espc. in P2P situations. Have you allowed to use P2P for two-member conferences? For this, even a RasPi should be able to handle a whole bunch because it just have to control the sessions.