Padè, connected but not showing any meeting or conversations

I’m running OpenFire (4.21) - Meeting on a internet server (CentOs 6)
Plugins Meetings, Bookmark and Openfire Focus Provider are installed.
It’s a fresh installation, with only two user, user_a and user_b.
user_a is in the roster of user_b, and user_b is in the roster of user_a.
user_a and user_b are members of the same chat room j0000xyz.
Centos firewall is disabled. DNS server is configured with SRV records for the services _xmpp_client e _xmpp_server.
If I open on two Chrome the url http://myserver:7443/ofmeet/j0000xyz, user_a can see user_b and vice versa.
Padè connects itself to my server on the two Chrome, but id doesn’t show any items under the items Meeting and Conversation of the menu called the right bottom of the mouse.
I think something is missing, please help me.
Thank you,