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Pade link error

After removing the offocus provider plugin and updating the ofmeet plugin to V 0.9.5 and using Openfire server version 4.3.2, ofmeetings seems to be working fine. When trying to launch a meeting by clicking the video camera icon in PADE, a problem occurs. The meeting is successfully launched at the inviter’s end, but the link sent to the invitee is incorrect. It is missing the “/” after “ofmeet” and before the user-meeting id in the URL that is sent. editing the URL to add this slash allows the meeting to load. PADE Chrome Extension 1.0.1.

I have posted this in chat for @Dele_Olajide This is probably Pade’s error. Btw, Pade’s bug tracker is here and open, so you can file issues yourself (if you find one) https://github.com/igniterealtime/Pade/issues

The problem has been fixed in latest Pade code, but can be corrected here

By adding the missing closing slash

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Thanks @wroot