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Pade meeting, only for specific group possible?

Hello meeting fans,
here is my situation: small privat server but public access. Want to offer pade video meetings but only to specific user group.
My question/idea: is it possible to place the autogenerated users focus & jvb into a created group (call it “privat” or any name you want) and place the users which should use the video conference as well into this group and have this way the video conference setup to be used only by the named group ?

In short: a specific user group only is able to use the video conference.

@Dele_Olajide, is this possible ? I am currently using your version 1.2.2 on Openfire 4.6.0. Could not get version 1.3 and/or 1.2.2 running on Openfire 4.6.1. The meeting tab was not shown in both instances.

Thank you for any info.