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Pade with Openfire 4.5.1

Hello everybody.
I am trying to configure a Pade connection using the inVerse Openfire plugin.
Did I understand correctly that Pade needs an inVerse plugin?
Here is a screenshot.

Problem: Cannot Connect to Openfire Server.

My system:
Openfire 4.5.1
plugin inVerse 6.0.1
Google Chome plagin Pade 1.6.2image

I realized that I do not understand how Pade works.
Can you throw me a manual?

I’m trying to do the same. I think that Inverse plugin is not necessary.
Look at these instructions:

You have to compile it and then you need to manually add the 4 plugins (.jar files) into your OpenFire server.
After that you can launch your pade. Here some helps to do it.
I could make it work, but just for messaging, I can’t share my desktop or send files.
If you get it working please share the way you could.

Thanks a lot for your help.
The problem was that I did not install the pade.jar plugin on my Openfire server and I did not have a certificate on the server. Is it simply impossible to connect via http?

And is there any way to sort people into groups, as it is in Spark 2.8.3?
And in the property of the card there is no phone number = (
Screenshot_446 Screenshot_447 2020-04-11_16-36-57

please tell me where I can set the server and SSO settings, so that I can distribute it to my employees, so that the necessary settings are already recorded?
As I understand it, they should be here
AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\fohfnhgabmicpkjcpjpjongpijcffaba