Pandion cannot connect to ConnectionManager but Spark can!

I deployed ConnectionManager(3.6) on another PC different to OpenFire.Then I tried to connect to CM with Pandion 2.6.106 but always failed.Alternatively I tried Spark 2.6.3 to connect to CM and I got success! But I need to connect Pandion to CM now!

I don’t know where the issue lies in, OpenFire,ConnectionManager, or Pandion.

Can anyone help?

When Pandion fails to connect, does it give a specific error? Does the Connection Manager log anything at the same time? Do other clients, such as Pidgin, work?

Pandion reported “This may have one of the following causes:You entered an incorrect password;The account does not exist on the server.”

I tried Pidgin and Beem on Android they both work through CM. I think there’s sth. wrong with Pandion.