Pandion Connects Slowly to Jive 2.2.2 on Windows Server 2003

I have a Linux server running Jive 2.2.2, which works fine. Gaim connects very quickly to both the Windows server and Linux server. Pandion connects quickly the Linux server. But Pandion connects very slowly (30 second wait time) to the Windows server. I use SQL Server 2000 for my database. Any idea what might be wrong?

From the Pandion log, it appears that Pandion is waiting on my server:

EVNT: Connecting to


  • long pause here **

RECV: string of random numbers that I don’'t understand

  • long pause here as well **



Pandion uses ssl/tls by default. Maybe it is waiting for an ssl connection then falling back to non ssl/tls.

Try unchecking the ssl option and restarting Pandion then connecting again.

You havent said which side of the firewall you are on so this is just a guess


It’'s the same on either side of the firewall. Most of my testing is done behind the firewall. Pandion does have a “Use an encryped connection (SSL)” option, but it is disabled by default. Just for kicks, I enabled it and reconnected with the same result.

Ah, I solved it. My hostname did not match the DNS name that I am using to connect to my server, so by default, Jive Messenger was using the incorrect server name. I had to change my server name from “hostname” to “”. Connections are quick now. Seems odd that it would wait 30 seconds but allow me to login with a different server name. I would expect it to either reject my connection or accept it quickly.