Pandion dead? Argh. Best client like it?

Darn darn darn!

Pandion appears to have migrated to a site that’'s not too concerned with English language.

I loved the client’'s simplicity and how it handled groups.

If it’'s not too much of a faux pas to pass on homage to Spark, may I ask what clients others have found to be superb?

I am very discouraged. We were considering deploying Pandion. Now . . . .



Right. Yeah, tried psi. Darned if I can remember why I prefered Pandion, but I did.

Looking at the Psi wiki, I’‘m depressed to see the last change was in June of last year. And the “live changelog” is a broken link. Unfortunately, that’'s not the kind of aggressive development I look for when considering a vendor.

Darn the luck – but thanks. Psi does seem to benefit from not having the lunatic busy fluff-feature laden interface that some clients have.

Installed Spark again and am having no fun at all. Maybe it’'s just me.

Although you want something close to pandion you might be interested in another client…

I have always been a fan of simplicity and low memory consumption and this is why i use Miranda. I also hate having multiple clients for other protocols. will handle jabber. It will also handle Yahoo, AIM, MSN, tien, and a bunch of others IF you want to install those parts. The nonmass protocols you have to go to the add-ons page to get and installation is easy.

You can make miranda as simple as possible with only picking Jabber on the install or you can get extremely complicated with multiple protocols, multiple themes/skinning, tabs, popups, weather, etc etc.

Personally, I am running Yahoo, Weather, MSN, 5 different Jabber hookups, IRC, ICQ, and AIM.

just chiming in cause i’'ve been so quiet recently

i think we’‘ve just caught them in the middle of migrating their site, although is doing nothing for me right now, it was working fine a couple days ago. However, if I neglected the ‘‘www’’, it rerouted me to the foreign site. Not sure exactly what’‘s happening, but I sure hope they don’‘t ditch english support, as we’'ve looked at a lot of other clients, and never found one that suited our needs better. (looks nice, but keeps things simple)

Pandion dead? Use Soapbox client then. based on Pandion.

Psi is a good client, for Linux atleast. We have such a hard time getting really feature rich clients like you windows guys…

We have tested several at work, Soapbox is good for simplicity. Psi is good for features, Spark is a good client too, and it doesn;t hurt that they designed it to work so seamlessly with Wildfire.

my 2 cents


I you like agressive development, I recommend Coccinella, a very agressive animal See

Last release was at the end of November last year, and next release is planned at the end of this month. In this time frame next features were added:

o new dynamic status menus

o new basic dialogs on unix

o new avatar settings button and menu

o configurable JID or status entry in main window

o added file/import/emoticons menu command

o added file/export/roster menu command

o added search previous

o added menu to increase the smallest font sizes in two steps

o added SOCKS proxy, compatible with SimpLite-Jabber

The coder of Coccinella also welcomes bug reports and feature wishes, and responds very fast on them. For example, yesterday I had a suggestion to improve the GUI of the groupchat dialog, and today there already is some unfinished code in the development version regardig this request

In 2006, next features were added over 5 releases:

o added option to avoid saving password when registering

o added Jabber/Register/ICQ,MSN,… sub menus

o lot of fixes to iaxclient voip part

o more robust TLS negotiation on slow networks

o now the complete prefs folder can be stored on a removable drive

o support for DNS SRV and TXT (HTTP) lookup

o pubsub library support

o library support for JEP-0138: Stream Compression

o text search in history and chat dialogs

o parsing xmpp URIs updated to RFC 4622; added in text xmpp URI parsing

o added code for JEP-0147: XMPP URI Scheme Query Components

o in-text parsing of mailto and im URI’'s

o added metakit whiteboard file format for single file storage

o complete inbox now stored as a single file metakit database

o inbox can be exported to xml file

o new xml based chat log format

o added support for pep/mood

o Critical bugfix for iaxclient on linux systems without audio support

o new application theme engine

o systray support on X11 (linux)

o features on MacOSX: overlay number of received messages in dock;

logouts on sleep and power down

o status shortcut can be used to login

o auto join option for groupchat bookmarks

o reworked the details of TLS/SSL/SASL connection methods

o avatar in chat dialogs

o in tabbed chat dialog close commands only close tab

o added switch for storing prefs on usb stick etc.

o toggle chat history

o tabbed groupchats

o removed all old agents/browse/conference code

o support for vcard based avatars

o file cache for avatars

o new (flat) minimalistic roster styles

o added fast bytestreams protocol (Psi)

o added stun support to get NAT external address.

o added jingle library support

o test version of iaxclient/jingle for voip (JEP-0166 and?179)

o chat state notification (JEP-0085)

o new Qt theme on linux (KDE)

o added support for Growl on mac

o using treectrl widget in a number of places

o the roster tree component based with different styles

o an avatar roster style

o support for multiple roster iconsets

o main window configurable toolbar/notebook UI

o extensive build configuration possible

o integrated Jive/Asterisk phone presence status

psi is the most suitable client around for multiple OS enviroment. The project is alive and on going. Their goal is to have robust stable client. If they want they can be agressive, they opt not not to. They have jingle available very early, but they won’'t include it for this comming release. If it is only for windows, yeah, i like pandion and exodus too.

Pandion’‘s not dead – it’‘s more like a coma. Development was pretty heavy for a while, but have been stagnant since 2.5 was released a year ago. I must admit that I’'m starting to get a little worried.

We deployed an internal jabber network with Jive Messenger (yeah, old school) with a self-branded Pandion client over a year ago (using a Pandion 2.5 beta). Branding was pretty easy (it’‘s almost all javascript and html). Our users love it’'s simplicity. There are a few things I wish it did better, but it was good enough for us at the time – plus we could brand it.

Checked out Psi, but there wasn’‘t really anything it could do that Pandion couldn’‘t (except look ugly and work on multiple platforms – we’'re a Windows shop here, so things have to look pretty and only work in Windows).

Been watching Spark lately too. It’‘s been improving, but it’‘s Achilles’’ heel is memory consumption. We’'ll continue to follows it active development.

Anyway, that’‘s how I see it right now. Pandion is a good client that’‘s easy to brand. Development has been annoyingly silent over the past year, so I’‘ve had my radar up watching for a possible replacement; but at this point, we’'re sticking with Pandion.

The Pandion site appears to be back up again.

I also use Pandion, but Pandion development is pretty much around zero.

on the other hand Spark is memory-hungry animal

we have two - not good enough clients

The fact that the last release of Psi is in june last year is depressing indeed, and might look from the outside that development has stopped. However, development is still very active (more than ever actually); however, for technical reasons (most of them out of the Psi developer’'s hands), it takes a long while to reach a final release this time. Psi is reaching the end of the beta release cycles as we speak, so keep an eye out, or try the soon-to-be-released (today or tomorrow), hopefully last, beta5. After the 0.11 release, releases should follow faster.

If you’‘re interested, there has been a lot of work on standards compliance and new features (some of them which may not be visible yet because servers are falling behind on protocol). As for looks, Pandion indeed looks a lot better than Psi, there’'s no arguing there. 0.11 should have had some progress on that front, although we expect most of the dazzling visible features to come in 0.12.

Hope this helped clarifying a bit.