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Pandion + Jive not jiving

Pandion 2.1.2 Beta

Jive Messenger 2.2.2 on Windows 2003 Server

I’'m having a problem with Pandion being aware of user status. It seems to happen more when being used outside of the network segment where the server resides. Via the internet, through the firewall. However, it has happend on the LAN as well.

Example: I login to Pandion, and use it for most of the day wihtout a problem. Then, I go eat dinner, watch a little TV and come back. It shows the same users on as when I left. Only problem is, those users aren’‘t online. Half of them logged off hours ago. The computer is not suspending either, just shutting down the screen. The only way to get the correct status for users is to sign off and then back on. I’‘ve noticed this behaviour when I need to reboot the server too. After the reboot, a lot of users show as still online even though they aren’‘t. Or, when I am logged in at two locations. The second location always connects, but the first location shows the old status of the users even though it’'s session is no longer active. Instead of just disconnecting and showing offline.

Any ideas?

can you try updating to 2.3?

i had several issues during reboots prior to that code line. I’'ve not seen this problem for some time now.

I just updated it to 2.3, and tested logging at another location. I am logged in at the office, I connected to my machine at home and logged in. When I open the admin interface for Jive it shows my home IP for the session, as it should. However, as far as Pandion is concerned the session is still active at the office. It shows all the users and Available status. Shouldn’'t it show offline at this point?

Did you log off at the office? Did you use the same account? If you used the same account and didn’'t logout at the office, Messenger allows you to be logged in from multiple locations at once, so the behavior you are experiencing would be correct.


What if I setup the resource policy to “Always Kick”? Then, if I diddn’'t log off at the office and used the same account it should kick the office login correct?

If Resource is the same. Are you using the same client both at office and at home?


I don’‘t think this is a problem with resource, as much as a problem with communication. If I end a session server side the client doesn’‘t know it’‘s been disconnected. It seems that Pandion just isn’‘t always getting updates on status including it’'s own.