Parsing Custom Tags with no Namespace in Smack API


I am writing a component in Smack that needs to send and receive messages to another non-Smack XMPP component with custom tags embedded in the message stanza, e.g.:

Test Message


By extending the Message class and overriding the toXML() method, I can send messages with above “SessionId” tag no problem. However, I’m having trouble parsing received messages. The Smack debugger shows the received packet XML correctly, but the output of toXML() on the received packet seems to overwrite the custom tag (happens with all custom tags that I have tried):

Test Message

I think my problem is that the custom tag does not have a namespace, so I don’t think I have can use PacketExtension mechanism. I haven’t found a way of getting at the raw XML as shown in the smackx debugger. Any suggestions for how I can parse this?

Thanks in advance,