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Pass Fastpath form variables(hidden) from the chat icon

We would like to embed the fastpath chat link on our webpae such that our customer is able to start a chat by juct clicking on the icon.

We would like to bypass the Fastpath form altogether as we already know the user and his/her email address since the customer is autheticated to our site.

Has anyone experimented with passing a user direcly into a chat session with a playload of the form variables and bypassing the form ?

I imagine that the popup would call a URL like this which would enable it to pass the form variables :

http://openfireserver:9090/webchat/userinfo.jsp?workgroup=underwriting@workgroup .openfireserver&name=MARK&email=MARK@email.comworkgroup.openfireserver&name=MARK&email=MARK@email.com

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Nikh Nath

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I need to accomplish the same. I added a form variable “contactID” which I pass in the url but it’s not picked up by fastpath.

What else need to be configured? Is there a tutorial?