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Passionate plea for help (Updated with more info)

I am attempting to use spark (with openfire) as a secure alternative to skype. I installed openfire, ran the tests and the connections (web based work great). I isntalled Spark and the chat function is awesome, including the logging of chats.

I cannot get any audio or video to work. If someone can assist wih explaining how they successfully got spark to IM, audio and video chat, I’d really be greatful.

I cannot use a website based programme, so I must use a “skype” replacement.

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for any responses!

I have some input that may help. I hope I am putting this incorrectly…

I logged into the openfire server via spark 2.6.3 with 2 users on 2 seperate pc’s

chat works fine

I click on the red5 button to start video chat, a window opens up. On top in the title bar, it states


When I accept the video chat request on the other machine, the video window opens and the title bar says


I do not believe this is correct, but cannot find any settings on the server to correct.

when I do "hostname " in term the response is personalit.sytes.net

and hostname -a gives " personalit"

hostname -i shows ip of computer 192.168.x.x ( I am behind a router and use no-ip for domain name)

I hope this helps someone in providing an answer why my video / audio does not work.

Thanks again!

It can be done, but it is not easy. Mainly because Openfire doesn’t come with that functionality out of the box.

I think the Jingle plugin may be what you’re seeking for.

do you have any idea how to configure it?