Password required for feed #2016 "Product Releases and News"

Paging @wroot here, why does this feed require a password now:

It is used by Openfire for its console. I poked around on SBS admin and am unsure

The feed is from Sun, 03 Mar 2013 22:00:46 GMT. Product Releases and News is out-dated. may be a more interesting feed.

Well, i have moved the Product Releases and News sub-forum into Archive forum (which is not accessible by other users) as it hasn’t been updated for 3 years and all news are usually only posted in the blog.

As i don’t use feeds in Admin Console, i haven’t noticed any issue

You’ve been a bad boy @wroot Nice Work

I wonder whether Daryl wants to revive this place or update the feed URL.

Please restore it. Every Openfire instance is now logging loads of 401 errors.

I’ve added it back to the forums root and added Everyone with a view permission. It is appearing in the browser when not logged in. Should work for the feeds also.

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