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Passwords being Rest?

I just finished installing Latest Wildfire. All runs great, I went ahead and did the initial configuration, changed the admin password, created two test users, all functioned perfectly. I then stop the server program and did the service installation. Then started the service, and could not log into server as admin. Check the DB-File and noticed to all users password were set to null. I am using the DB that came along with wildfire. Very strange, I went ahead and deleted the complete installation, and did everything over again, and once more the passwords were lost when I changed to the service. Any help would be greatly appreciated…regards


are you using Windows? Do you see errors in the error.log of Wifi? Are you using the embedded database or which one?



I am having the same problem. Just upgraded from 2.5.1 to 2.6 because asterisk-im 1.1

I am running on Linux with the embedded HSQLDB database. Every time I restart Wildfire 2.6.0. All passwords are reset and I cant get into the admin console until I set setup to false in wildfire.xml and use the default password.

Any suggestions will be appreciated,


What the hell?

I did try to use the wildfire.zip version for Windows. Extracing works fine, installation and starting as service is also no problem.

While launching the “INSERT INTO JIVEPROPERTY VALUES(’‘passwordKey’’, ‘‘myKey’’)” should be executed before the admin password can be set. This did not happen. So the admin password did stay “admin”. Adding users was not possible.

I did stop and start the service, then the passwordKey entry was written. Now it was possible to add users which are stored with encrypted passwords but it is still not possible to modify the admin password.

And there is not a single debug log message when changing the password fails.

Gato, I should fix this and release 2.6.1^^


Please keep me posted, for now I will keep running off the executable, and when problem resolved I will upgrade and start as a service. Thanks guys for you quick support…regards

Ack! This is definitely broken if you create new accounts before restarting the application. I’‘m working on a fix right now. We’'ll likely get 2.6.1 out the door tonight, as this is an important issue.



I filed this as a JM-636 and am checking in a fix now. We’'ll likely get 2.6.1 out tonight or early tomorrow.



P.S. – congrats to me on hitting 2500 posts.

Congrats Matt,

you should reply more to feature requests and create JM- and SPARK- issues, so you’'ll hit 10.000 posts soon (: