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Passwords with # don't seem to work

It looks like there is a bug with Passwords containing # in the latest Spark (2.9.4) and Openfire (4.6.4) issue.

Our Openfire is connected via LDAP to ActiveDirectory, not sure if the issue is related to that.
After changing the password (just replacing #), I was able to connect, before the " SaslException: PLAIN: user not authorized" was displayed.

Maybe also worth mentioning: This became apparent when reinstalling Spark because this user didn’t receive messages from some users anymore. The password worked in one of the older Spark/Openfire Versions, also it wasn’t a problem when updating to 2.9.4/4.6.4 (probably because the password was stored).

I just tested this in Spark 3.0.0 beta and Openfire 4.5.4
I was able to connect in using the password “Password1234#”

I also was able to connect to Openfire 4.6.4…

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Thanks a lot for testing it.

You are right, I changed the pw back to the previous and it worked…
Maybe it was some flaky error state…
Sorry for that, should have double-checked, but as changing the password solved the issue I assumed it must be related :laughing: