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Pasting Images into Spark

Is there a plug-in that will let me paste images inline into a conversation or conference in Spark?

File transferring works but it would be nice to have it open in the client, directly.


There is no such plugin.

Has the issue of pasting in-line images into Spark been resolved?

This is not an issue (bug) per se. Spark was never designed to work like that. It is an old application. Back then it wasn’t popular yet to have images inline. It would probably be also harder to achieve as Spark is using old Java Swing technology for its UI. Also there is a question what to do with history (store images also and make xml files grow huge and slow down history retrieval). Anyway, as Spark has no interests from Java developers and nobody is actively working on it i doubt such feature will ever be added.

OK. Thanks for the info.

It’s something I need to do fairly often, so maybe time to move on.


I don’t know which clients support that, but maybe you will find one among https://xmpp.org/software/clients.html