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[Patch] Advanced Installer 7.0.1

This diff/patch is for SVN version 11081. I had problems with ant target installer.msi, when using Advanced Installer 7.0.1 and so I made the changes below to fix it.

Index: build.xml


— build.xml (revision 11081)

+++ build.xml (working copy)

@@ -476,7 +476,7 @@

<exec executable="${advinst.path}\AdvancedInstaller.com"


  •        <arg line="/SetVersion ${version}"/>
  •        <arg line="/SetVersion ${version.major}.${version.minor}.${version.revision}"/>

<exec executable="${advinst.path}\AdvancedInstaller.com"

@@ -488,7 +488,7 @@

<exec executable="${advinst.path}\AdvancedInstaller.com"


  •        <arg line="/SetPackageName ${win.msi.nojre}"/>
  •        <arg line="/SetPackageName ${win.msi.nojre} -buildname DefaultBuild"/>

<exec executable="${advinst.path}\AdvancedInstaller.com"

I see you have applied a similar patch in revsion 11094.

“WhiteKnight”, which edition of the Advacned Installer is required to create the .MSI file? (See http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/197933 for the options, as far as I can tell.) I currently have the trial edition, but that will expire soon. Any insight that you could provide will be greater apprecaited.

I was using the trial edition, but am now using IzPack instead, which creates an executable jar.

“WhiteKnight”, is it possible to create a .MSI installer from IzPack (http://izpack.org/)? (My desktop folks want a .MSI install package so that Spark can be pushed to all of our Windows Desktops via a Group Policy in Active Directory.)

IzPack itself doesn’t create an MSI, it only creates JAR files. Unfortunately I don’t know much about Active Directory and didn’t look much into other tools to create an installer, as IzPack was sufficient for my use.