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[patch] allow admin console to listen on different interface

This patch allows you to configure the openfire admin console to listen on a different network interface than the rest of the server. This is useful for security (e.g. if you want administrative traffic on a non-public ip address) and also for bandwidth consumption (to keep the overhead of administrative traffic on a seperate interface on a multi-homed host).

With this patch, your openfire.xml can optionally have an element inside the element:

      <interface></interface> <!-- new config property -->
   <!-- ... -->

If you don’t specify inside of , it will fall back to using the global <network.interface> property.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your contribution. I filed OF-61 to track your patch.


Thanks for your patch! I’ve reviewed and committed it to the trunk version.


did you test this patch? I really wonder how it should work as long as we only change the return value of getBindInterface().

As soon as I define adminConsole.interface the old value network.interface will always be ignored …

Forget this, I looked at the code which is used only for the admin console, so the generic method name was confusing me.