Patch for sending transcripts to staff

So, as mentioned in I couldn’t attach stuff there, so created this thread.

Enclosed is a patch against trunk to have basic sending of transcripts to staff using the fastpath server tab settings, and defined per-workgroup. Old-style (chat.transcript.from/to/subject) will continue to work if they exist unless you configure the new settings (in which case it assumes you’ve forward-ported your settings and ignores the legacy settings). I also included a binary build (marked to distinguish it from official builds from Jive) for people who want this now, and don’t want to wait for the code to be accepted (IF it’s accepted) and a new version of fastpath officially released.

My interest was to auto-set the from address to the customer’s name and email to ease auto-detection by our CMS, but it’s trivial to change that in the code. I considered making the GUI support it, but I didn’t want to get carried away and making the new settings a mess (I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again - GUI is not my cup of tea).

Something else I’d like to add at some point is variable placeholders in the subject to allow the subject to contain key information like, the chat date/time, agent and/or the chat ID.

Comments and feedback welcome!

Attached to OF-447


I appreciate this plugin very much and it is very useful to me. I have need to change a few things and have done so, I am just not sure which source code to patch this onto. I apologize, I am more a PHP developer and don’t work with Java as much so this is a bit more difficult for me to do.