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[Patch] jmf to fmj

Revision 11038 removed /spark/trunk/build/lib/dist/linux/jmf.jar, /spark/trunk/build/lib/dist/mac/jmf.jar and /spark/trunk/build/lib/dist/windows/jmf.jar and added /spark/trunk/build/lib/dist/fmj.jar. Unfortunately /spark/trunk/build/installer/spark.aip.tmpl, /spark/trunk/src/resources/startup.bat and /spark/trunk/src/resources/startup.sh haven’t been updated. I’ve updated startup.bat and startup.sh and attached the patches, but I’m not sure how best to patch /spark/trunk/build/installer/spark.aip.tmpl.
startup.bat.diff (1758 Bytes)
startup.sh.diff (1018 Bytes)

I’ve seen that cstux has updated something about the library paths in 11092 revision. Can it be this?

No that update was for IzPack. I’ve been trialing Advanced Installer.

if have fixed this! :slight_smile:


cstux, maybe you should check his other two Patch threads also.

I see you’ve updated startup.bat and startup.sh, but would it be possible to update Spark.aip.tmpl? Currently I just comment out the 3 lines that mention jmf, but I’m not sure what the correct fix would be.


I have fixed the spark.aip.tmpl.

I have add the installer there http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1822.

Thank you