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[Patch] Patch for jit to make it happy with Jive messenger

Hi all

here is it




Can you provide some info about what you needed to change? Also, did you submit the patch to the JID maintainer?




I added one more token to configuration of service used by jit to communicate with upstream jabber server.

All servers except jive use static name (id) configuration for transports. Jive tries to learn it from transport agent request.

Jit sends id configured in .


jit come with two services configured. One has default id ‘‘icq.localhost’’, second has default id ‘‘icqlinker’’.

jit sends packet to upstream server with source id ‘‘icqlinker’’, jive sends packet back with destination id ‘‘icqlinker’’. jit is confused.

My patch replaces source id jit uses to communicate to upstream server with value it expects back from it.

Configuration example is in the patch.


Also, did you submit the patch to the JID maintainer?

Nope, I hope he’'ll find it here, or somebody will point him

I think this issue is more jive than jit specific.


I try install JIT 1.1.7 with your patch. It’'s connected to Wildfire, but service registration do not work. Can you please give me working config.xml for JIT for working with Wildfire?