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[Patch] Several enhancements on the reconnect logic

There are a bunch of Jira issues regarding reconnect management of Spark, if the network connection is lost. The patch below enhances the reconnect logic and baked some time in our trunk.

The following patch can be applied to the trunk rev 10983 and was tested against this revision.

reconnect.patch (2894 Bytes)


does your reconnection patch also solve the problem that a user is thrown back to a login mask, even if the configuraton sets SSO?

(This is quite annoying in Spark, exspecially when you only work with certifikates)

Best Regards, Maddi

P.S. As I see you submitted a few patches. Thanks for that!

It’s nice to see Spark getting forward.


I would not expect the patch to be a fix for your problem. We don’t use SSO and aee not affected to the issue you are seeing.

Do you know, if a bug is issued in Ignite’s Jira about your problem?