Patch (SPARK-1180) and hiya!

Hello all!

Hopefully I am posting this to the right spot.

I use Spark daily (I’m a Jive employee) and I would like to get my feet wet with Spark development. Starting with some low-hanging fruit, I fixed a small bug and attached a patch here.

Two other things:

  1. What’s the best way to try and hustle up a mentor? Changelogs? Open “casting call” ? Ha.

  2. Do I still need to sign this form if I want to contribute? I talked with Megan and she said she doesn’t handle it anymore.

Many thanks!

-gabe (418 Bytes)

howdy howdy

for me I just started contributing and completing tickets that were feasible given my experience with the source. After a few patches I was given the ability to submit via SVN.

I’ll test this patch tonight (probably later tonight given my schedule is a bit bunk for the day but that’s for another discussion lol). If all looks good I’ll push this through on the SVN so it gets put in with a nightly build

As for obtaining a mentor…etc I think i might still be in mentor mode, but a there are still a lot of good people out there floating in the nether willing to help. I myself will help as i can. just been busy since i work at a college and the start of the semester is tomorrow D:

No need to worry, i have already tested and attached this patch

First of all thanks for contributing, even if it is such a small fix (but i hope only a beginning). I’m surprised to see someone from Jive here and even using their child project Spark It sound like more Jivers are using Spark, so i hope maybe some day more Jivers will help fixing it

As about your questions. Mike has already described his experience. Usually it doesn’t take long to get svn access and jira access as we need developers. Mentoring program was a nice idea, but hardly achievable, as our volunteer developers usually don’t have time for this. So, just post patches in the forum (tag it with ‘patch’) or comment in the Jira and someone will review ant test it and eventually you will get those accesses. Welcome to the Ignite Community

Signing… i’m not a lawyer. I think lately nobody is signing anything and we are just hoping that those proposing patchers are a good will open source supporters and won’t ask for their code to be removed in the future, i suppose.