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[Patch] Spark via FMJ


i have create many patches to use Spark with FMJ.

Copy the lib fmj.jar to the lib directory

  1. Change the Spark startup from

java -Dappdir=… -cp …/lib/linux/jmf.jar:…/lib/startup.jar:…/lib/linux/jdic.jar:…/resources org.jivesoftware.launcher.Startup


java -Dappdir=… -cp …/lib/fmj.jar:…/lib/startup.jar:…/lib/linux/jdic.jar:…/resources org.jivesoftware.launcher.Startup

  1. Copy the sparkphone.jar and the jingle.jar in the plugin directory.
    fmj.jar (1269198 Bytes)
    SPARK_FIXES_FOR_FMJ_V2.patch (3727 Bytes)
    SMACK_JINGLE_FIXES_FOR_FMJ.patch (3081 Bytes)

The Plugins …
sparkphone.jar (1911859 Bytes)
jingle.jar (1251587 Bytes)

Can you explain a bit what is this FMJ and what are the benefits of using it? Or just give a link to some explanations. I’m not a java programmer, you see

FMJ is an open-source project with the goal of providing an alternative to Java Media Framework (JMF).

URL : http://fmj-sf.net/

  1. FMJ Supports: Linux, Windows 2000 / XP / Vista and Mac OS X

  2. is under development (latest cvs-changes are 2 weeks ago)

  3. is OpenSource Project under LGPL

Hi Michael,

first of all … sorry for using this thread. It is already over an year old, but it is the only helpful thread i found regearding smack/jingle/FMJ.

So here is my concern. I’m interested in using smack (jingle) together with FMJ on a pure java basis. Unfortunately I could not get voice calls running under various platforms (win7, linux, mac) with smack1.3.0, FMJ (2007-09-28) and the patches you provided in this thread. However when i tested voice calls with the fmj.jar you supplied together with the patches it worked like a charm. I was really happy to see it finally working, because I thougth i got stuck again like afore with jmf.

So my question is, on which FMJ version did you build that fmj.jar or have you applied any changes to it?

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,