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[Patch] Support for the latest Smack

After the sparkphone worked under linux and windows,

I have create a simple patch for spark to work with the latest smack api from the svn.

At this time I have not tested all functions, yet.
SMACK-SVN-PATCH-FOR-SPARK.patch (4492 Bytes)

Update jingle for the latest version of smackx-jingle.

For the Version with JMF use the SMACKX-JINGLE-SVN-PATCH-FOR-SPARK.patch!

If you will run Spark with FMJ, you can use the Patch for SMACK (SMACK_JINGLE_FIXES_FOR_FMJ.patch) and the Spark jingle Patch (SMACKX-JINGLE-SVN-PATCH-FOR-SPARK-WITH-FMJ.patch)

Have you tested your Spark version with the new smack with respect to it’s reaction system idle and locked workstation? Our Spark with smack 3.1 is showing a null pointer exception in the jniwrapper plugin. It is also not reacting to a locked workstation.


Here is the first patch to use the TrayIcon from java6 and not from JDIC or JNIWRAPPER.

The next step is to support “system idle and locked workstation”.

New Version: