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Path Must Include Project and Resource Name

Hi all,

I’ve searched the forums and as far as I can tell, this hasn’t been brought up before. (Sorry if this is a re-post!) I have been trying to get Spark up-and-running on Eclipse for the past few days now, and have managed to iron out most issues that have arisen, but this one’s eluded me …

As it stands, the project is currently giving me these errors (top of picture) … But when I right-click on the project and select Maven>Update Project …, I get this error (bottom of picture):

(Sorry about the snippets slapped together, I am limited to one picture as a new user)

As far as I can tell from what I’ve been reading online, there might be a pathing issue somewhere. All of the existing issues I’ve found have had some sort of clue at the end of the detailed error, like an indication of what file or folder path may be missing.

In my case it simply gives me a backslash, and I am left wondering where the issue lays. Has anyone else encountered this before with Spark?

Any advice or information is greatly appreciated … thank you!

Hi all,

Since posting this question this morning, I’ve come across the solution and thought I would post it here for any wanderers in the future …

First of all, make sure you have the newest version of Java 8 installed, as is listed in the Developer’s Guide in this forum (Developer and Administrator Guide). Don’t do what I did and just install the newest version of Java …

Secondly, make sure you install Maven and set up your environment variables correctly. Don’t do what I did and assume Maven is a built-in aspect of Java …

Third, if you are new to Maven like I am, make sure you have a basic understanding of Maven’s commands. A helpful starting point is this “Maven in 5 minutes” guide (https://maven.apache.org/guides/getting-started/maven-in-five-minutes.html), but also be sure to check out the link at the bottom of the page on “Getting Started” for more information.

Now that you have a basic understanding of commands, don’t do what I did and immediately run “mvn install” on your project’s root folder …

After running “mvn validate”, “mvn compile”, “mvn clean” and “mvn install” on my project, I was able to clear up the above issues.

Now that you’ve run the above commands, Eclipse (in this case, my IDE of choice) should have an easier time importing / building the project. Make sure you use a fresh clean workspace, as is detailed in the documentation of the project (ProjectRoot/core/src/documentation)

Lastly, if you are behind a proxy in your office like I am, consider looking into setting up a “settings.xml” file to bypass the proxy. (maven .apache.org/settings.html) <-- Inserted a space due to new users being restricted to two links in a post.

A lot of this is probably basic knowledge to people who are accustomed to using Java and Maven … I am hoping this helps any other new beginners out there like myself, if even only a little bit.


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Oh, one last thing that I forgot to mention …

In IDE-Eclipse-Setup file within the documentation, you can see in the snippets that the “emoticons” plugin is not listed in the import list.

When I excluded the emoticons project from the import, that was the last step to building the project successfully.

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Thank you for posting your findings.

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