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Path settings of spark

We used the PSI in the client company for some time now. We tested the spark and found much better than the PSI. One of the difficulties that I realized the spark, is that all the settings (properties and historic …) recorded in the user profile. Would you like to change this path. Thus any user to login at the station and access the spark, all the talking are in the same folder.
You can define a folder settings (properties / historical …) when the spark starts the spark? I want to make the folder c: \ documents \ spark \ config, for example.

Thank you.

There is no option to change the path of Spark’s profile folder and quite frankly i don’t think there is a need to put everything in one place. Usually programs save settings per user in theur respectful profiles (AppData). This is a normal behavior for user programs. If you need this, you will have to modify Spark’s source and compile your own version.

In the organization that I work, are more than 1500 employees who use the spark is necessary due to the number of users who use the same computer every time new user to access the spark, we have to worry of setting all the necessary settings for good use of the spark. The intention was to make all the “parameters” settings, type show all users in the group offline, user can check their history without the need to log off the computer and access it with the user in windows and between other parameters that could be made a once.
Still, thanks for the reply.

Thank you.

Your scenario is specific and not what majority of users would want. As i said, the source of Spark is open and anyone is free to make they changes and custom Spark version. But such option will not be added into main spark version.

Other than accessing the same history, you can achieve your scenarios by copying preconfigured settings files via scripts (like GPO, or any other startup or login scripts). If your users has to work with the same Spark user and same history, why not just let them login with the same Windows user and your problem will be solved. It’s like you want them to share some stuff, but not all, but this makes everything hard to setup.