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PC to PC calls?


Is there a way to establish (skype like) calls between two SPARK clients ?

I don’'t have a PBX, so asterisk server is probably not an option for me.

(please correct me if i am wrong)



Spark still does not have VoiP functionality, so there’'s no way to make voice calls. The google talk XMPP extension may be implemented.

Installing asterisk and the asterisk-IM plugin would enable Spark to display the status (like On The Phone) of your sip soft/hard phone and to dial. Comapnies with their own Wildfire server and a lot of sip phones will likely use the plugin.



If Spark just starts a SIP softphone on both sites and gives them the IP adress to make call, it would be ok.

Just one question: to use Asterisk plugin, I need Asterisk server.

But i dont have any PBX, i just want it to run on the same windows server as wildfire does.

Is that possible ?



yes, you don’'t need any special hardware to run asterisk, but its configuration is tricky.