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PCI Audit compliance issue -- Please help!

I’'m currently working on PCI vulnerability compliance and the Spark / Wildfire server came up as having a weak SSL encryption. Essentially, any SSL encryption using less than 128-bit key is considered weak and needs to be remediated before we can pass the PCI compliance. After doing some research, I believe the SSL is running on port 5223.

Running on Windows 2003, AD/LDAp Auth, groups, vcard. Also using SSL for LDAP. Verion 3.2.4 of Wildfire is being used.

You can import your own SSL certificate, which can then meet whatever requirements you may have. Using self-signed certs should throw a flag for any security audit, too.

And yes, it runs on 5223, but also on 5222 after the starttls command is issued. (same certificates are used)