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Pending pubsub message quantity?

Hi All,

I’ve looked at various ways of measuring max pub/sub performance I get from openfire (and ejabberd as an alternative), and recently swapped to MySQL as a backend which made a really good improvement.

Usually, I know there’s a delay if the number of received messages by some subscriber, is lower than the published quanity informed by the publisher - i.e. there is a growing queue of messages.

I’m not really sure what goes on under the hood, and rather than just blinding looking through tables I thought I’d ask, if there’s some way to measure a sort of ‘message queue’ - if they’re stored in tables then that could be queried? In the same way with MQ that you can get pending message length and that sort of thing. But then I don’t know how this works for multiple subscribers, maybe there’s alot more management going on and so this wouldn’t work.

But any ideas welcome!