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"Pending Verification Status" since the 5 days. Can anybody tell me that how it will be "Verified"


I am getting “Pending Verification Status” since the 5 days.

Can anybody tell me that how to verify that certificate.

I am attaching an image.

With the help of Bigdino Blog ( this link), I have uploaded my certificate Issued by GlobalSign.

Please tell me the solution.

I am eagerly waiting.

It means that they are verifying if you Credentials.

What they verify:

If you have control over you Domain, legitimacy of you Company (if you have one, else the check the legitimacy of you) by checking legal name, address, phone number, executives, and other information. Ah, and a background check if you are a known Crriminal.

Thanks for your reply.

All the things are clear but still it is in Pending Verification.

Can you please tell me the procedure of the importing root and intermediate certificate.