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PEP is not clustered

I noticed that PEPs are not really clustered between nodes…

i have 2 OF (4.4) with hazelcast plugin… i connected to one node and published a node with an item
(http://jabber.org/protocol/geoloc) to my pep with option pubsub#persist_items (true).
then i checked the pep in de admin console and it was published. i could see it in the table and furthermore i checked it in the database too.
Then logged into the other node (admin console) and i could not find the published node/items.

I doublechecked it with the bookmarks too. i created a muc on node a (and save it via bookmarks) so that it was published to my pep. After that i logged into node b and again, there are no bookmarks in my pep.

Thanks for reporting this. When you say “logged in to other node”, are you talking about the admin console only? Did you try obtaining data via XMPP too?

I am talking of log into admin console.
And no i did not try to get the data via xmpp

Note that clustering is broken in Openfire 4.4.0. If you check the console you’ll probably see both nodes say: “Clustering: Starting up” in the top right.