Periodically openfire crash due Java memory saturation

Hi all!

I’m running openfire 3.7.0 on a Ubuntu Server 10.04 with sun-java6-jre, about 100 users, AD authentication and Broadcast, Client Control, Content Filter, Monitoring Service, MotD and Packet Filter plugins enabled.

About every 10 days openfire crash beacause it saturates the Java memory assigned (384MB); I’ve already tried to increase the amount of memory but it causes to only delay the problem.

Logs seem to say nothing, any ideas?

You could try installing the openfire plugin for monitoring the memory with graphs.

Maybe that could give a clue about the problem…

I don’t see it in the available plugins… where can I download it?

You’ll have to download it on the website (and you have to register there, as it pushes those memory/cpu etc. informations to their server)

I’ll try it

We have similar problems and removed all plugins. Especially packet and content filter are know to add extra load to the server.

@Micheal: Good idea, but to disable both plugins I needed to remove manually from plugins directory… strange.