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Permissions changes did via Rest API aren't being broadcast correctly

I’m trying to change user’s role and permissions of a given MUC by using the Rest API plugin.

When I use the POST HTTP verb to give a new permission/role, it doesn’t get broadcast to the users on the MUC. When I do the same, but using the ‘DELETE’ HTTP verb, in order to remove that permission, the action get broadcast immediately.

I think this is equivalent to doing the same on the Admin Console. If I go doing the same manually in the Admin Console, the changes got broadcast immediately.

The most curious thing is that changes applied by REST API are visible on Admin Console, you can see that a new owner or admin has been added or removed successfuly, but the POST calls aren’t broadcast, just the DELETEcalls.

Am I doing something wrong or already somebody reported a bug about that?


Openfire 4.5.3 alpha (I’ve tested on stable releases and got the same error)
Rest API Plugin 1.4.0